South Korea Government Accused of Using Defamation Laws to Silence Critics

SEOUL, South Korea — In late 2014, months after 304 people died in the sinking of a South Korean ferry, a leaflet began circulating with a scurrilous rumor about President Park Geun-hye: that she had failed to respond swiftly to the disaster that day because she was having a romantic encounter with a former aide.

Was Ms. Park, the flier asked, now cracking down on her critics in an attempt to keep that scandal from coming to light?


Practical Practising – 5 Tips for Effective Practice

Muse on Music

Practical Practising – 5 Tips for Effective Practice 

Practice, practice, practice. Anyone who has spent any time learning an instrument will know the importance of spending time practising their instrument. According to the writer Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practice on your instrument to become a virtuoso. This study is frequently alluded to amongst musicians, yet it is clear to anyone who has been playing an instrument for a while that quantity of practice by itself is not enough to become fully competent on your instrument. It it what we do with this time that defines how successful we will be. There are several pitfalls to avoid when practising. Here I have included five of the key difficulties to overcome when practising your instrument.

1) Make the most of the time you have

People’s schedules often differ when it comes to practising. With a busy work or school…

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Breakfast Recipe: Berry Coconut Chia Pudding

Louise Digby Nutrition

This is a super convenient breakfast as you’ll make it the night before, so it’ll be ready to eat by the time you wake. It takes around 4 hours ‘firm up’ so you could also make it in the morning to have at lunchtime.

This recipe is high in protein, which is important first thing in the morning as it’s needed to balance blood sugar levels, and to keep you going until lunchtime. If you suffer with fatigue one of the first things to think about it whether you’re getting enough protein!

It’s also rich in fibre, needed for the same reasons as protein (blood sugar balance and satiety), but also to support digestive health as chia seeds help to keep things regular. AND the chia seeds provide essential omega 3, something that is depleted in SO many people’s diets.

It’s also rich in anti-oxidants and tastes darn good too!

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Newly developed graphic tactile display for blind people by Tactisplay Corp. — Mechanical eye for the blind people is ready.

Tactisplay Corp. located in South Korea has developed graphic tactile display for the blind people. This device has individually actuated 3,072 cells configured in 64 column with 48 rows. With this configuration, it can show graphic information in raised tactile dots.

There is an internal image processing engine which summarizes the image and extracts crucial graphic information for the display. When this device is connected to USB camera, image captured by the USB camera is displayed in the tactile pin array after image processing. When this device is connected to PC or notebook using ethernet cable, monitor screen image is automatically transferred to the device for the blind person to touch and feel what PC monitor is showing.

In this way, this device can be used as a mechanical eye for the blind people. There is no dangerous surgical operation required. User just need to carry the bag containing the device slung over the shoulder and clip USB camera to his/her eyeglasses to see the view.

This device, named TACTISPLAY Walk, is designed to be portable and be used outdoor. It has large battery inside which enables the device to operate 10 hours continuously. Its frontal area is little bit smaller than A4 paper and its thickess is 53mm (about two inches). Its weight is 2.5kg.

Pricing is not confirmed but they said that price will be under $7,000. It normally requires at least $20,000 for similar device.

Press contacts:

Jeong Yeol Lee


Multi-line Braille Display, TACTIS100, launched by Tactisplay Corp.

Multi-line Braille Display, TACTIS100, launched by Tactisplay Corp.

— Get 100 cells braille display at price of typical 40 cells display or lower

Tactisplay Corp. launched TACTIS100, multi-line text braille display, having 100 cells. There are many 20, 40, 80 cells braille display in the market. But, all these displays have just one line where TACTIS100 has 4 lines of 25 cells each.

Multi-line functionality enables this display to show spreadsheet contents easily. Using its 4 lines, top line displays title of column when other 3 lines can display column contents. If selected current cells is changing, this display can show cells contents around the selected one.

In the text braille reading, its 100 cells will enable braille reader to sense 100 characteres simultaneously. It can display additional 20 characters than 80 cells display, which is 570mm long. Its length, 305mm, is shorter than that of 40 cells braille display.


Screen reader S/W modified from NVDA will be supplied with this device. When connected to PC using Bluetooth, PC monitor contents will be transferred to the device. In standalone mode, text files in the USB memory stick can be displayed.

Refresh time of the display is set to 5 sec or less. Dimension is 305*128*45mm, weight is 1 kg.

Price of this display is set to under 2,000 USD, which is lower than any 40 cells braille display in the market, apart from the 80 cells braille display, which is normally sells at more than 7,000 USD.

TACTIS100 is working with its two actuator heads. Show all off, all on, some braille texts.

Visit… for further information.